Dry-Aged Ground Beef

Jerky & Burger Share $ 95

A dang delicious duo. 2x 5oz packs Honest Beef Jerky; 10lbs ground beef

Memorial Day Grill Share: Dry-Aged DIY Burgers

$ 6

Memorial Day Grill Share: Dry-Aged DIY Burgers $ 57

6lbs (~18 burgers) of our Single-Animal, Dry-Aged Ground Beef, ready for you to pat, mold, and season in any way you like.

Single Animal, Dry-Aged Burgers $ 65

We've taken care of the patting; you can indulge in more chatting. So light up the grill, your guests will be thrilled; these burgers just need some unwrapping.

Single-Animal, Dry Aged Ground Beef $ 55 +

Most burgers that are in restaurants and grocery stores contain beef from 100+ animals. Our ground beef contains beef from a single, hand-selected animal.



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